Whether you are hoping to achieve a healthier lifestyle, facing a serious health challenge, or supporting a loved one at end of life, we hope to be a valuable resource for you.

Everything we do is centered around three very simple and straightforward goals: to educate, engage and empower you on your health care journey.


Access to easily understood health information is critical to enable you to actively participate in your health care. We provide recommendations and introduce you to information sources so you can become educated on health issues and in turn, be in a position to understand your choices and make informed decisions. Armed with the right information, you will realize the importance of strong and open communication between all participants in the medical system: patients, the health care team, supportive care providers, family members, caregivers and others.



Each person is a unique individual, with a diverse set of needs and values. The best opportunity to receive individualized care comes when we act as partners with our health care team and voice our personal knowledge, feelings and preferences. We encourage you to discern your personal health goals and wishes as well as becoming active in managing your health and your care planning. As you take responsibility and become a proactive participant and advocate for your own health, it is our hope that you will gain confidence and a renewed sense of control.



Our goal is to help enable everyone to become a “better” patient. Fortified with the right information, strong communication skills to express what is most important to you and a proactive spirit, we wish to reinforce your feelings of empowerment to make the best choices, experience better outcomes and live a more healthy and fulfilling life. You bring a valuable and unique voice to any discussion of your health; it is crucial that your voice be heard.