Creating a Personalized Health Care Binder


All about Me

An “All About My Health” binder is a helpful tool to organize your most pertinent health care information into one convenient place. Consider bringing this binder to your appointments. This will not only make it easier for you to keep your records straight, but it will be indispensable to family members if you become suddenly ill and are unable to speak for yourself.

Contents of your Health Binder can include:

  • Health Care Team and Contact Information

  • Family and Emergency Contact information

  • Insurance Information

  • Advance Directive/POLST, etc.

  • Family History

  • Genetic Testing

  • Personal Health History

    • Surgeries or medical conditions (past/present)

    • Medications

    • Screening reports

  • Questions and Answers

  • Fears

    • Diseases and Chronic illnesses

    • Dementia

    • Need for long term care

    • Others: _______________

  • Healthy Living Goals and Timeframes

  • Healthy Living Plan

  • Health Resources

If you are diagnosed with a serious condition, you may wish to organize a dedicated area (or new binder) to include all information related to that diagnosis including:

  • Diagnosis

  • Treatment Care Plan

  • Preparation for Surgery or Procedures

  • Second Opinions

  • Questions or Primary Concerns

  • Important Recommendations and Communications from my Healthcare Team

  • Concurrent Treatments and Therapies

  • Testing Results: Lab Reports, Radiology Reports, Surgical Reports

  • Nutritional Suggestions or Guidelines

  • Medication List and Herbs or Supplement List

  • Side Effects and Timeframes

  • Changes in Physical and Emotional Health: sleep, strength, fatigue, pain, anxiety, fear, nutrition, appearance, social life…

  • Rehabilitation (Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy...)

  • Supportive Care Services

  • Integrative Therapies

  • Social Services

  • Appointments and Scheduling