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Strengthening Mind, Body and Spirit


Treating the Whole Person

Evidence-based supportive care therapies and services can empower patients with greater comfort, physical and emotional strength and higher quality of life. For many patients faced with health care challenges, the winning combination of ingredients includes: an expert team, strong communications between patient and health care providers, advanced treatments, the use of integrative therapies and the right supportive care. Resilience, that is, our ability to cope with stress in a positive way, is also an important component of our overall health. 

Resiliency is not just a skill to be developed, but it is a beneficial survival mechanism. People who rate higher on the resiliency scale tend to have better physical health and life satisfaction.  As Canyon Ranch's Dr. Diane Downey reminds us, "We may not have the power to change everything, but we really can positively influence our overall health through self-esteem, an optimistic outlook and health promoting behaviors." The good news is we can increase our resilience though practicing the following suggestions:

  • Let go of judgment and blame
  • Re-frame your current situation to find meaning in your personal challenge
  • Cultivate positive thinking and nurture a sense of humor
  • Lean on your social network, reaching out to others for sharing an support
  • Believe in your own abilities, develop confidence...Yes, you can...
  • Cultivate a connection to something greater than yourself, help others
  • Practice being optimistic

Insurance policies generally vary on the scope and amount covered for integrative therapies; check with your insurance company for policy specific coverage and limitations.

Supportive care services and therapies include: