Take Charge of Your Health - Integrative Medicine Helps

The natural healing force in each of us is the greatest force in getting well.

Whether you face a specific health challenge or want to fortify yourself and protect your health, developing an understanding of all your health care options is important. Today this includes both conventional care and integrative therapies.
At last the health care industry is placing a greater focus on whole health, wellness, self care and quality of life. In consideration of the growing body of evidence supporting the effectiveness and safety of integrative medicine, these therapies are gaining in popularity.
Integrative therapies (acupuncture, meditation, yoga, therapeutic massage, herbs and supplements…) do not replace standard medical treatments, but complement them. Used alongside mainstream medical and pharmacological treatment, integrative/complementary therapies can help address the symptoms of an illness and also help find relief from the negative side effects of conventional treatment.
As an example, traditional Chinese acupuncture is now often coordinated with standard medical practices to relieve pain. Acupuncture and acupressure are proven to improve conditions such as traumatic brain injury and aid patients with chronic illnesses such as cancer. With evidence of the positive outcomes of acupuncture, more physicians are recommending this therapy and more insurance plans are covering the services. Similarly, as the U.S. sees a rise in mental illness, (depression, anxiety and other psychiatric conditions), and as the negative repercussions of psychiatric medications are increasingly understood, integrative therapies such as mindfulness meditation, guided imagery and healing touch are also gaining strong momentum.
If you are thinking about supplementing your conventional medical care with integrative therapies, please speak with your medical provider and be sure to identify qualified practitioners with the proper education, training certifications, experience and outlook on your overall health care strategy.
For more information on specific integrative therapies that may be helpful to you, please click here to visit this content on the Health-E3 website.

Sydney Sharek